Smart and Flexible Shelf Series

Shape Series is our shelf series, designed and devoloped by ourselves. With long experience of interior design in public spaces, we grew a vision of a sustainable furniture series with flexibility, function and high quality.

What do your needs look like? At Shape Produktion, we like unique solutions and are happy to develop our series Shape tailored your specific business needs. Call us, email us or schedule a meeting with us and we will help you plan your shelf according to your wishes and needs.

What the Shelf Series Consists Of:

How It Works:

1. Decide the Width of Your Combination

Measure your walls and decide what width you want for you combination. Plan in sections of 50 or 100 cm, you can choose how wide you want your shelf to be. When you have a width, add 3 cm for the last gable.

2. Pick a Color and Height for Your Stands and Gables

The stands are available in the heights 110 cm, 160 cm and 220 cm. You can combine them in just the way you like.

3. Choose a Shelf

Wooden shelves: Available in black, white and oak.
Plate shelves: Available in black and white.
Plate shelves for shoes: Available in black and white.

We can make shelves in other designs on request.

4. Add Track Rod, Fittings and Shelf Carriers

Add track rod, fittings and shelf carriers based on how you are going to place your shelf. You can place the shelves in any way you want to as long as you have a space of at least 10 cm between them. 

Note: You use different fittings for wooden shelves and plate shelves. If you choose to place a shelf on top of the stands you use the fitting “shelf top”, available in both a single and double-sided design.

5. Choose Accessories

Now your shelf is almost ready. Just choose the finishing accessories for your needs. For example, a clothes or glass rack. Do not forget that you can change the appearance of your shelf whenever you want to. Smart and flexible!

Describe Your Wishes and Needs

We will help you plan your furniture according to your wishes and needs.